2022: Peloris Director Appointed to CFNA Dairy Special Committee

Dairy Special Committee | Peloris

We are proud to announce that Peloris Director Alex Wang (far right) has been appointed a member of the CFNA Dairy Special Committee and was invited to participate as a panellist in the Fifth Global Dairy Forum at last month’s China International Import Expo (CIIE) alongside Government representatives from countries such as New Zealand, France, the Netherlands and Ireland. 

About CFNA

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) was established in September 1988.  CFNA has approximately 5,000 members, composed of domestic and international market-oriented companies. Peloris is an Executive Board member.

CFNA works in the following business areas: It protects the interests and lawful rights of its members and of the industry.

  • It promotes industry development by assisting its members to explore the world market.
  • It provides training and consultancy on market, client and regulations.
  • It coordinates to settle trade disputes of member companies.
  • It reflects suggestions and opinions of members and the industry to the government and contributes its suggestions and comments when the government is making new policies.
  • It guides members to make sure that their business operation is in accordance with relevant laws.
  • It organizes exhibitions and forums. On behalf of the industry, it keeps contact and cooperates with international organizations.
  • It organizes companies to respond to antidumping charges. Representing the industry, it acts against trade barriers.
  • It promotes the establishment of quality systems and food safety systems.
  • It investigates unfair competitions including the dumping of imported products.
  • It also works to satisfy the requirement of the government and members.

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