Access China market with our strategic partners

Our trusted network of supply chain partners make exporting to China easy

Exporting fresh foods to China requires managing a complex ecosystem of supply chain vendors.

We remove these challenges with our trusted network of partners that China fresh market exports more efficient. When you engage PGS, you gain access to our entire ecosystem. We work with the best, to deliver you the best.

On the world stage we’re better together

Our ecosystem consists of trusted supply chain partners who share our principles of transparency, visibility and accountability.

China Partners

Suzhou Peloris Trading Co. Ltd

Suzhou, one of the trusted partners, is a China-based company having two chief offices, one in the same district and the other in Chongqing.

Suzhou primarily assists and manages all China and Hong kong shipment logistics and Retailer Engagement. Our trained staff manage the regulatory requirements for rapid border clearance and timely delivery.


China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) was established in September 1988.

CFNA has approximately 5,000 member companies, among which 19 are honorary vice presidents, 55 are members of the executive standing committee, and 163 are members of the executive committee. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises. The chamber of commerce has set up 42 chambers of commodities, all of which have a nation-wide membership.

SF Express

As a leading comprehensive logistics service provider in China, SF Express is committed to becoming an independent third-party industry solution data technology service company. After years of development, SF Express has established the ability to provide customers with integrated comprehensive logistics services, not only providing high-quality logistics services on the distribution side, but also extending to the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, providing industry customers with efficient and efficient services throughout procurement, production, circulation, sales and after-sales. , stable and agile digital and integrated supply chain solutions to help industry customers upgrade their industrial chains.

Market Research Partners


Kantar is the worlds leading research and insights provider to FMCG. They assist PGS with understanding consumer and shopper needs in Fresh Food throughout Asia.

China Skinny

China Skinny is a bespoke Research and Digital Marketing Agency, based in Shanghai. With client base of Fresh Food and FMCG brands from across ANZ, China Skinny help us better understand the specific needs of the Chinese Fresh Food Consumer and Shopper.

Logistic Partners


Qantas provides us with direct nonstop access out of Australia into China with a weekly freighter service that ensures we have both the capacity, reliability and velocity to transport fresh produce in good condition and in the shortest possible time frame.

Together we have shipped more than 2 million litres of fresh milk to China without a single failed shipment.

CT Freight Pty Ltd

CT Freight Pty Ltd is our freight forwarding services provider. They secure the necessary export documentation for every shipment and ensure the shipments are packed to PGS specifications, guaranteeing optimal temperatures and protection for transit to Asia.

Technology Partners


Telstra enables real-time tracking and monitoring of temperature and location access by providing the GPD devices which sit in every load, capturing the journey data and uploading it via Telstra Network partners across Asia.


Sh’ping is our track-and-trace management partner. Sh’ping’s leading data management tools secure the safety and integrity of the journey data, defeating tampering and counterfeiting hacks.

The data is then refined into bespoke client templates, providing a GS-1 standard traceability service.

Merieux NutriSciences

Merieux NutriSciences is our NATA (National Association of Testing Laboratories) accredited laboratory partner. Merieux test fresh food samples, determining compatibility with the GACC regulations, market requirements, and providing support for brand claims.


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