Getting your brand ready to sell in the demanding China market

All of the Insights, Knowledge and Strategy you need for a successful China market entry

The China fresh food market is demanding and it can be difficult to know how Chinese consumers will feel about your brand. Navigating import regulations, distributors, and Chinese retailers while identifying the revenue growth potential can be daunting.

You need market insights, an understanding of competitor landscape, a clear supply plan, and a growth strategy to ensure return on your investment. Your fresh food brand is unique, and it needs it’s own unique path to fully realise its potential.

With Peloris, we get your Fresh Food Brand ‘Ready to Sell’.

From potential to certainty in the china market

We work with you to deliver the certainty you need to confidently invest in your China market entry.

Identify your unique opportunity

Before committing to market entry, we work with you to develop market, competitor, consumer and shopper insights to understand your brand’s potential in China.

Clients get a deep understanding of:

  • Your target Consumer and Occasion
  • The Category Growth Opportunity for your Brand
  • Overview of potential sales channels including the complex e-commerce ecosystem
  • Margin Chain potential
  • Demand Planning

Develop your brand strategy based on insights not just numbers

We use bespoke market research to identify insights, which help you refine your brand’s strategy and value proposition, in order to resonate better with Chinese consumers. We develop a bespoke implementation strategy with you to ensure success.

Your bespoke implementation strategy includes:

  • Identification of your fresh food brand’s point-of-difference vs local and international competitors
  • Your best distribution and Pricing Strategy
  • Your Promotional and Marketing Activity and Budget.
  • P&L development to support your Business Case
  • Retailer buyer introductions to sense check your assumptions.

Consider your import-export compliance…. sorted

Compliance is a critical part of every China market entry strategy. With Peloris, you benefit from a dedicated in-country Compliance Manager facilitating every step of the compliance process.

When it comes to China import compliance, we have a track record of 100% success.

  • Entity compliance
  • Product compliance
  • Label compliance
  • Shipment compliance
  • Channel compliance

The sense check creates certainty

All of the research, strategising and planning still needs validation. That’s why our sense check phase ensures your brand goes from potential to certainty.

Sense check strategy validation includes:

  • Physically visiting the local market and meeting key decision makers
  • Eliciting qualitative and quantitative feedback from local retailers
  • Getting visibility of local market movements from a research agency
  • Meeting local marketing agencies to support market entry and expansion
  • Final reviews of your P&L and Business Case


How important is researching the marketplace and opportunities in China?

While China is generally considered to be the largest market for ANZ imported foods, it is also extremely dynamic and competitive. Shopping trends evolve at breathtaking speed and products can be lost in the clutter of brands being sourced from all over the world.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of your product point of difference and target consumer demographic.

What is value proposition development?

A critical component of your market research is to determine the commercial viability, i.e. your value proposition, of your brand and product in the China marketplace. China may be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for one brand whereas for another, it could be frustrating and expensive exercise.

What does the compliance support include?

China import compliance has been getting progressively more complex and stringent since China introduced its Food Safety Law back in 2015.

Peloris guides you through the ever changing minefield of China food import regulatory compliance as it pertains to entity, product ingredients and labels.

How long does this whole process take?

Preparing a ‘Ready to Sell’ business case that includes comprehensive market analysis and product compliance assessment typically takes from 1 to 3 months depending on the nature of the food category.


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