2017: Peloris appointed to China Government Food Safety Committee

Peloris is pleased to announce that our China sister entity, Suzhou Peloris Trading Co., Ltd (SPT) has been appointed as one of 60 Executive Standing Committee members within the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA).

This organisation, which was formed back in 1988, encourages a fair and orderly market, protects the interests and lawful rights of its members and of the industry and assists members to explore market opportunities. The organisation is also an advocate for its members in contributing suggestions and opinions from members and the industry with the government in the formulation of new policies.

CFNA currently has almost 7,000 members (importers and exporters), mostly within the heavily regulated high-risk food categories where import quotas and other non-tariff barriers make international trade more complex, and the organisation can assist these members with interpreting technical data and policy directives as well as advocating with the central authorities on their members’ behalf.

As an Executive Standing Committee member, SPT will have direct access and input into China food import policy discussions and directives. This will further enhance the quality of the market access consultancy services Peloris provides its clients to reduce the level of regulatory uncertainty that many producers and exporters currently experience.

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