2014: Peloris featured in the Daily Reporter “Norco secures fast-track milk export pipeline to China”

When Australian dairy Norco Cooperative secured a fast-track fresh milk export pipeline to China, our Managing Director Peter Verry was featured to discuss how Peloris was involved in securing the deal. The fast-track quarantine clearance for fresh milk exports slashed the time it takes for Australian fresh milk to reach consumers in China to only seven days.

The agreed quarantine process was secured after 12 months of collaboration between Peloris and Chinese officials to develop “rigourous quality assurance protocols that have now been fully tested and officially sanctioned by the relevant Chinese agencies”.

“The cold chain pipeline solution incorporates stringent quality assurance controls that ensure the fresh milk meets or exceeds China’s food and safety standards, that the product is maintained at the optimal temperature at all times during transit, and incorporates an innovative product security system that identifies and tracks the location of individual units,’ said Peter.

Read the full article at the Daily Reporter.

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