2018: Peloris uses IoT technology to supply 40% of all fresh milk into China worldwide

As IT business leaders look ahead to the technology trends and innovations likely to shape organisations over the coming year, one important question is how effectively these technologies will integrate with to a company’s overall digital transformation strategy.

Telstra’s experience in working across a diverse range of IT environments globally has found that successful adoption of new technologies, such as real-time analytics and cyber security, demands a break from the siloed thinking that often influences decision making.

An example of this working seamlessly is our work with M2M connectivity to help a supply chain company, exporting company, Peloris, ship fresh milk from Australia to China. By noticing the impact of drones and robotics in agriculture, there was a logical extension to use ‘Internet of Things’ technology to solve supply chain issues.

With China’s stringent import regulations on fresh milk, coupled with a short shelf life, milk export to China was previously impossible. Peloris successfully surpassed this barrier with real-time monitoring technology that helped both the company and China customs to observe temperature and conditions from the farm to its final destination.

By adopting IoT technology which underpin solutions with connectivity, we enabled and furthered Peloris’ business, which has now allowed them to supply 40% of all fresh milk into China worldwide.

Through these various experiences, this has led us to work with a “geo-digital” mindset, to help and encourage customers to successfully navigate the complex range of technological, business and cultural obstacles associated with true digital transformation.

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